Ever Try Counting Sheep to Sleep? Yeah doesn't work! See my fav things to help me catch Zzzzz's


1. My all time favorite is my eye mask! I been wearing one forever. I actually use the brand buckys from Amazon. You can still move your eyes and it's great for woman with lashies! It blocks all the light and just shuts off the brain. There is also studies that it puts you in a deeper sleep. Your R.E.M.(rapid eye movement the most important restorative sleep)and it's so true for the occasional night I misplaced them I feel the difference.


2. This is maybe equal to my first essential oils. I give myself a little neck massage. Rub some peppermint on my belly to soothe me. On my head after a long day and if I have a headache. Lavender on my chest. I'm literally a essential oil junkie. Also inhalation taking deep breaths and inhaling lavender or stress relief. Not the peppermint!! That will not put you asleep. Make sure to keep the peppermint away from your eyes.  


3. Taking a nice warm bath with Epsom salt. Epsom salt will help ease your muscles, and detoxify your days negative energies away. A great cleansing.  


4. Washing my face using my Image cleanser, also using a great nighttime retinol mask. Knowing I will wake up looking fresh and hydrated! Brushing my teeth, and always have h20! Stay hydrated always.. 

5. Stay off phone and electronics and read usually I'm fast asleep in about 10 minutes. 

I hope this helps you to a better night sleep! 



Feels like Fall, Foundation Goes A Shade Lighter, Lipstick Goes A Shade Darker

Fall is officially here ladies and so is my favorite month of all, October. While I'll certainly miss bronzed skin and breezy hairstyles, the new season has me in the mood for exciting beauty trends it comes with. 

The trend - fresh, highlighted skin  

Loving the new highlighter kit from Anastasia also Mario master palette!! Great fall colors

Loving the new highlighter kit from Anastasia also Mario master palette!! Great fall colors

Radiant, glowing skin is back. "Non-touring" is what many people are calling it; the look of heavily covered and overly contoured skin is gone and creamy, dewy skin is here.  

How to get the look - opt for a lightweight foundation to even out your skin then apply a concealer around the noose and under the eye to help camouflage any imperfections and blend. Finish the look with a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and Cupid's bow of the lips.  

The trend - peachy lids  

The new neutral that everyone can wear. You can go as bright or as subtle as you like. Pair it with a nude lip for day and for some added drama, with a deep crimson shade for evening.  

How to get the look - Use a cream color at the lash line and blend up until you reach your desired look. Then, finish with a light sweep of powder shadow.  

The trend - glitter eyeliner  

Think of leaves as they turn colors, all the shades they turn too!! Use that for inspiration:)) 

Think of leaves as they turn colors, all the shades they turn too!! Use that for inspiration:)) 

While unexpected for fall, glitter on the eye has been popping up all over the runway for fall. For an everyday look you can pair it with black eyeliner for a edgy, fun look.  

How to get the look - Apply a black liner around the entire eye. Then you can add the amount of glitter you like by patting it on with a small round brush. Use a cream for a softer look. Make it neutral and wearable with colors like copper, rose and gold.  

The trend - berry stained lips  

Great fall highlighter!! 

Great fall highlighter!! 

A true fall classic that anyone can rock. From deep, dark berries and purple to black, darker colors can be extremely flattering and make you standout. It also works well with all lip shapes and comes off very romantic. If you're feeling adventurous. Go for a darker berry, blue, or even black shade.  

How to get the look - For a soft lip, apply a darker shade to the center of your lips and then use your fingers to draw the color out to the lip line. Always make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized beforehand.  

The trend - dramatic lashes  

Volume lashes!! Great for woman who want a deep more full look! Or someone who doors not have a lot of lashes it's a great way to give the illusion of having more!!  

Volume lashes!! Great for woman who want a deep more full look! Or someone who doors not have a lot of lashes it's a great way to give the illusion of having more!!  

Lashes are more popular than ever this season and are the most luxurious way to dramatize any look. Wear them alone or with light illuminated eyes for a high contrast look.  

How to get the look - Customize your look with individual lashes or load up on your mascara. Or for more permanent drama you could get your lashes done with me 😉 

What's your favorite fall makeup trend? Leave your comments below!  



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What's New at Embellish U!

Come see me at my new place!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality!!  

Come see me at my new place!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality!!  

Hi all! I'm super excited to say I've officially been in business for a full week! I absolutely love my new location on Arnold Avenue and I couldn't be happy to be in my dream spot. It's so rewarding to be here after creating EmbellishU a little over 4 years ago. All of my neighbors, local shops are super cute too!! 

To go along with my brand new business, I have launched a new website. There, you can find all my services (plus a few extra new ones) including Raindrop Treatments, Angel card readings, and more! All of my services also include all vegan/organic products. You know my motto, I want nothing but the best for my guests. 

Through my website you can book with me or download my app, EmbellishU, and it will prompt you on how to make an appointment. Reminder* we offer by appointment only to maintain a serene atmosphere, keep exclusivity and maintain my clients privacy. I'm so looking forward to having all my existing and new clients in my space.   

Your inner goddess awaits 💖 



Volume Lashes, The Ultimate Luxury of Eyelash Extensions!

2/3D Volume Lashes

2/3D Volume Lashes

Cat Eye 2/3 D

Cat Eye 2/3 D

Let's face it the lash industry has really boomed over the last eight years. It's not a cheap service and you get what you pay for!! It truly its a luxury service, and a really amazing experience too. My main priority after the health and safety of your lashes, is making you feel comfortable. I want you leaving relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. The atmosphere and my crystal warm bed will heal you from within. Now lets go on to explain what Volume Lashes are!

Volume Lash extensions is a new technique that can offer great volume, so many lashes up to 360 per eye! Seriously it’s like POW! It is unique in itself to also offer to woman that are not able to wear classic lash extensions, due to having sparse thin lashes. Whether it is from a medical condition, hereditary or with age, as we know things change.  Let me tell you a little history about the two techniques so you can understand them a little better.

This is the Premier lash of them all! kardashion lash 3/4 D

This is the Premier lash of them all! kardashion lash 3/4 D

Classic lash extensions are done with one single lash extension that is applied to one of your own natural lashes at the base of your eye, but before your skin. Myself or another technician does this by using two long stainless steel sanitized tweezers. One tweezer holds the lash extension and one tweezer isolates one single natural lash. Now if you have sparse hair we cannot fill in any gaps. We can apply hair where hair is. There are different weights and lengths in lashes and all that is based on the health of your own natural lashes. 

Full on Glamour! 3/4 D

Full on Glamour! 3/4 D

Now we get to Volume Lash Extensions. So as far as the technique goes and isolation of the lashes its all the same. Volume lashes is a technique that you will pick up very fine eyelash extensions 2,3,4,5,6 lashes at one time. You create small fans. This technique really is for technicians that are already advanced in there lash career. I say this cause you really have to know how much glue and the weight of the lashes. Health and safety first, always!! The lashes are much more fine this way you can use more lashes on one eye and fill in gaps and give the illusion of having longer, thicker, and more full lashes. Without compromising the integrity of your lashes. The price of volume lashes is anywhere from $350 to $400 for a full set. The maintenance is $100/$125. It takes up to 3hrs to put them on. The fill can take up to 2hrs. Usually about 1.5, but when you go full on it takes longer. If anyone says it should be quicker trust me it's not a good reputable place. 

So that is the difference between the two lash techniques. I hope you understand a little more and know there is something for everyone! If you want to hear more or have any questions subscribe and be in touch!

Love and lots of Light,  


🌻🌷April Services brings lots of Treats! Not for us but our furry friends with 4 feet!!

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share what's going on with EmbellishU for this month of April. As some of my guests already know, I am donating a portion of my income for the month of April to Ocean County Animal Shelter also a dear friend of mine, has a friend down in Virginia. I will be sending some proceeds there as well. 

This is Bentley! Old English Bulldog who loves his HaloCouture Extensions!! 

This is Bentley! Old English Bulldog who loves his HaloCouture Extensions!! 

In a busy world and building my business there is not much time left over for much to do socially. Over on Instagram 5 weeks ago I made the announcement. I had an ah-ha moment that giving back is a great way to be involved for a greater cause and to help whichever cause I feel passionate towards. I don't need a lot of time socially to make a difference.  

We all have our dear animals that we love so much. I know I have colored my dogs hair with manic panic when I was about 9. Polished my dogs toenails, put sunglasses on him, and some people go all out. Look at Lisa Vanderpumps dog Giggy. (Lol) he has a skin disease that's why he gets fully dressed. We give so much love to our animals. Even if it makes a small difference it's still a positive shift in the world.  

So I want to thank you to all my clients coming in and making this possible for me. If you want to be part of this come in and book a service... Let's spread the love and good cheer. Also, if you have pics of your animals dressed up post them!! I want to see!! Please share!!  

Thank you,  


Get Your Glo On!

Skin brightening has become a more targeted subject in the field of dermatology. Both estheticians and their clients have been searching for ways to reduce melanin production in the skin. Some of the most common conditions of hyper pigmentation are age spots, melasma, freckles and acne scars. Now that we know more about skin pigmentation and how the skin makes melanin, we can more effectively utilize certain ingredients. Much of the research in the field focuses on tyrosinase, an enzyme that spurs melanin production from tyrosine through oxidation. In the pathway, tyrosinase is produced by the melanocyte (the skin cell responsible for pigmentation) and is responsible for several reactions. You can limit melanin by limiting tyrosinase anywhere along its pathway.

There are some brightening agents that I am very excited about! There are marine active ingredients, that work on signaling proteins in the skin for melanin production and DNA repair. Although algae has been used for many years in skin brightening formulations, its being brought to a peptide level to help more with melanin inhibition. The use of botanical extract ingredients is a method I strongly suggest. They are gentler to the skin and our body automatically knows how to process them. One argument about botanical ingredients is whether they are as effective as their chemical counterparts. Traditionally, treating hyper pigmentation chemically has been done by bleaching the skin with either hydroquinone or kojic acid. While these ingredients are fast acting and effective, if you were to stop using the product at any point in time, it could actually make hyper pigmentation worse. This is because they can be cytotoxic to melanocytes in large amounts. Because of this, skin may respond to these chemicals negatively, resulting in production of more melanin. One of the best benefits of using plant extract and peptide-based products is that there’s little to no chance of doing serious harm to the skin.

I always recommend doing your research and finding a company that uses high quality botanicals and is well-versed on how to handle them during formulation. The effectiveness of these products depend on the knowledge of the developer, especially when it comes to which part of the plant to use. For the best results in treating hyper pigmentation, look for products that work at multiple points during the production of melanin. Since there are so many ways to treat hyper pigmentation, it is better to utilize different methods so that they can work cooperatively for an overall better effect. Keep your skin fresh and glo-ing!