Ever Try Counting Sheep to Sleep? Yeah doesn't work! See my fav things to help me catch Zzzzz's


1. My all time favorite is my eye mask! I been wearing one forever. I actually use the brand buckys from Amazon. You can still move your eyes and it's great for woman with lashies! It blocks all the light and just shuts off the brain. There is also studies that it puts you in a deeper sleep. Your R.E.M.(rapid eye movement the most important restorative sleep)and it's so true for the occasional night I misplaced them I feel the difference.


2. This is maybe equal to my first essential oils. I give myself a little neck massage. Rub some peppermint on my belly to soothe me. On my head after a long day and if I have a headache. Lavender on my chest. I'm literally a essential oil junkie. Also inhalation taking deep breaths and inhaling lavender or stress relief. Not the peppermint!! That will not put you asleep. Make sure to keep the peppermint away from your eyes.  


3. Taking a nice warm bath with Epsom salt. Epsom salt will help ease your muscles, and detoxify your days negative energies away. A great cleansing.  


4. Washing my face using my Image cleanser, also using a great nighttime retinol mask. Knowing I will wake up looking fresh and hydrated! Brushing my teeth, and always have h20! Stay hydrated always.. 

5. Stay off phone and electronics and read usually I'm fast asleep in about 10 minutes. 

I hope this helps you to a better night sleep!