🌻🌷April Services brings lots of Treats! Not for us but our furry friends with 4 feet!!

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share what's going on with EmbellishU for this month of April. As some of my guests already know, I am donating a portion of my income for the month of April to Ocean County Animal Shelter also a dear friend of mine, has a friend down in Virginia. I will be sending some proceeds there as well. 

This is Bentley! Old English Bulldog who loves his HaloCouture Extensions!! 

This is Bentley! Old English Bulldog who loves his HaloCouture Extensions!! 

In a busy world and building my business there is not much time left over for much to do socially. Over on Instagram 5 weeks ago I made the announcement. I had an ah-ha moment that giving back is a great way to be involved for a greater cause and to help whichever cause I feel passionate towards. I don't need a lot of time socially to make a difference.  

We all have our dear animals that we love so much. I know I have colored my dogs hair with manic panic when I was about 9. Polished my dogs toenails, put sunglasses on him, and some people go all out. Look at Lisa Vanderpumps dog Giggy. (Lol) he has a skin disease that's why he gets fully dressed. We give so much love to our animals. Even if it makes a small difference it's still a positive shift in the world.  

So I want to thank you to all my clients coming in and making this possible for me. If you want to be part of this come in and book a service... Let's spread the love and good cheer. Also, if you have pics of your animals dressed up post them!! I want to see!! Please share!!  

Thank you,  


Guide To Crystal Elixirs


Morning! I want to introduce to you a new product here at EmbellishU, crystal elixirs! We all know the benefits to your well-being crystals can provide. A crystal elixir, essentially is a water based essence containing crystal energy. Water absorbs the crystals energy pattern, potentializes it, and stores it. These elixirs bring the healing power of a specific crystal to you. As with all spiritual practices, your intent is everything. It is best to set your intention before taking an elixir, for example, if you are using Ametrine to open your third eye, before taking the drops, state either in your head or verbally, "My third eye is now open, and so it is." This energy stated in the present tense is imprinted in the dosage and the desired outcome is manifested more quickly. Healing processes are magnified when the person is an active participant in their healing. 

Here is a list of some of the combinations I'll be providing!

  • love- rose quartz, moonstone, jade
  • money- citrine, jade, aventurine
  • protection- amethyst, hematite, snowflake obsidian
  • peace- amethyst, jade, blue lace agate 
  • healing- quartz, bloodstone, jade
  • good luck (good for gambling, or when you need a little luck on your side) - jade, citrine, quartz
  • emotional healing- rose quartz, blue lace agate, amethyst
  • purification - quartz, citrine, amethyst
  • weight loss- rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, jade
  • blessing and consecration- quartz, citrine, amethsyst
  • fertility- rose quartz, jade, unakite 
First Homade crystal Elixer!! Washed appropriate crystals, then boiled them. Intensifies the energy! We will see!! 

First Homade crystal Elixer!! Washed appropriate crystals, then boiled them. Intensifies the energy! We will see!! 

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Love and Light


How To Harness and Invoke Lunar Energies This Full Moon

Hi all! I'm feeling especially inspired by this full moon we have in Virgo tonight so I wanted to share with you some rituals to use this energy to your fullest potential! Full moons are all about release and letting go. This is an incredibly potent window of opportunity to change, remove, release, shift whatever in your field is not in highest alignment with your being and you have the entire universe by your side, immensely supporting you and blessing you as you choose higher. Allow these energies to cleanse your being and fully serve your soul, and release what doesn't nourish your heart. 


Start off with setting your intention. Manifestation is so instant and holding on to attachments of less than will constantly block your field from greater blessings. Grab a notebook or journal and write down everything you want to get rid of. Light some candles and burn some sage if you have, that will aid in grounding yourself and take away any negative energy. When you're done with your list, take at least three deep breaths and move your consciousness into your heart. Place your full intent on release and burn your piece of paper and imagine those things being purged from your life. It is also good to take any crystals you have and let the moon light charge and cleanse them so they can serve you better. 


I encourage you to please review your life today and see what is no longer serving you and what is no longer in harmony or balance. This specifically has to do with all relationships both in your outer world: with partner, job, location and with self. Know how serious the universe is about you letting go what isn't in balance and what isn't nourishing your soul. 

If you don't like who you are, where you are, what you are doing, who you're with...Change it now! You must participate relentlessly in the co creation of your future! No one else has the power to do this for you. 

Blessings dear ones!