Get long luscious locks with HaloCouture Extensions

I'm very excited to announce that EmbellishU is becoming a distributor for HaloCouture extensions! Voted the best innovation in hair extensions, HaloCouture gives you the freedom and versatility to wear your hair long and full whenever you like; no bonds, no glue, no clips, no damage to your hair. The halo "ring" is almost like a fishing wire you place at the crown of your head, section out some of your hair over the ring, and wa la! It's as easy as that. They are also 100% remy human hair which means not only are they the best quality in human hair, you can wash, use heat, and even custom color them. 

I will be starting consultations for these in April. We will discuss length, color match you, and go over anything else you need to know. After that you can receive your extensions in as little as a week! HaloCouture also offers some great accessories to keep your extensions smooth and not free such as a storage case, they also make a shampoo and conditioner to maintain the extension. Not to mention they also offer a ponytail piece for those who would like to add a little volume or length when they wear their hair up. Have fun and change your look for summer with HaloCouture! Call or text me at 732.800.4499 to set up your consultation today(: 

Love and Light,