Narrow Down Your Beauty Routine


In this day and age, there are so many different beauty products out there. From creams to lotions and serums and every form of foundation under the sun, it can be all a little overwhelming. Here I want to list the bare essentials that can get you through your morning routine while still looking young, fresh and glowing.  

  • Coconut oil - the miracle worker. Use it as a moisturizer, hair mask, a head to toe salve, even a teeth whitener. Make sure it's refined though  
  • Essential oils - these you may have a few of, but for different purposes. Tea tree for blemishes, lavender for anxiety, peppermint for energy or skin refresher, just to name a few. You can even make your own scents  
  • BB Cream - evens out your skin tone and masks imperfections while still being lightweight, what more could you want  
  • Powder palette, one of those with a highlighter, blush, bronzer and a skin tone. You could even use some of the shades for your eyeshadow  
  • Eyeliner - in whatever form of your liking, liquid, pencil, gel etc  
  • Mascara - lashes frame your eyes and make them standout more
  • Lipstick/gloss/liner - find your signature shade of lipstick, a nuetral liner, and a light gloss. Perfect  
  • Dry shampoo - make your blowout last a little extra while giving your hair some volume  

While these are just essentials, you might add a few items you love here and there, for a special occasion or whatever it may be. Or even if you just feel like treating yourself to a new lipstick. Hopefully this list will have you try something new, maybe you'll even find your new favorite product. 


Love and light,