Want to know what changed my life and was able to give me opportunity to be my own boss?

Life can throw some hard balls at you, I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes you need an angel to come down and help you and that's exactly what happened for me and my story.  

I was in a dead end job going no where made $300 a week, rent was $1000. I had to buy food, utilities, cell phone, and that does not cover the cost of clothes to look professional. My car was a total hazard. I was told it was a death trap. 

So one Easter a friend of mine we went to AC   I have no idea where he went, so I went on my merry way started playing craps. This man appeared out of no where. He says " here play". So I did, and I started wining and winning BIG he said please take this money, Put it in your bag you need it. I was a little confused, cause I am not a street walker as  I told him. Then he chuckled. I did not know what to do, what did this all mean, how much longer could I play before it became greed? Do you think I can do this more often? My mind was racing. So that night I walked away with a good amount of money. I put myself through eyelash school that was my first investment, the basic and advanced, purchased the kit (ours were not included), bought a massage table, and a computer. This man changed my life. So thank you whoever that man is out there I am eternally grateful. 

Doing eyelashes raised the bar for me, as you will learn in my class. There are so many techniques, and I have been to 4 schools none like my first school. She was the best. I have picked up so many tips, and tricks that have made it a lot easier too. It takes hard work and dedication but it's worth it in the end. When you see how happy your clients are and you get compensated accordingly. Not just anyone can do this or teach it. It takes patience. Take a step in a new direction and add this to your repertoire.  I want to be the one to change your life so you can provide for your family or make a better life for yourself..

All my Best,