Good Rule of Thumb for Doing EyeShadow!

Did you ever wonder how far out you should go with your eyeshadow? When you see models they have eyeshadow on the inner corners of their eyes? Looks good on them, but damn their like a size zero and have professionals working on them, so of course it looks good. So how far out and how far in should you apply your eyeshadow.  

Well the rule of thumb is this: if you take your finger and hold it up to the length of your eye- then we take that space and hold it between our eyes. Does it fit? Is it to big? Or to small? So, try it!!!...... Ok! Did you do it?


1. So basically if another eye won't fit in the center of your two eyes already then you have close set eyes:

2. If you can fit your eye  space in the space between comfortably then you can wear any look.  

3. Lastly if you can fit it with even more space you have wide set eyes and that is a great way to do your makeup.  

So when doing your contour #1 keep the depth the darker color to the outer corners of the eye. Put some lighter color on the inner corner to give the illusion of opening your eyes. You don't want to close them up by putting dark on the inner corners. 

For option 2&3 you can wear your eye shadow contour from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Also, put a little highlighter in the tear duct to give a little sparkle. When applyling you can bring a tighter brush to place the color in the area you want it. So wherever you start and put the makeup first is where it will be the darkest. Always start on the outer corner then work in towards your brow. Then with a bigger blending brush blend out any harsh lines. Pat some shimmer on your lid apply a matte white or cream shadow on browbone. You can use a shimmer to depends on the palette of colors you choose. Always take that blender brush and give a little brush over once more. Apply liner 2coats mascara and your ready! Good luck!  

So what type of eyes do you have? Have you had any problems with eyeshadow or have any questions? Share below

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