Prom Season!

Here are a few key tips to look your best before a big event!! 

Drink lots and lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables!! They will make your skin glow!! You can also put lemon on your skin to help brighten your skin and it will help with breakouts!

Want a brighter smile? Put some baking soda on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth! Watch them get brighter and brighter! 

Dry Chapped lips mix some raw brown sugar with vaseline and exfoliate away, then apply a lip conditioner or coconut oil.  

Want healthy long locks, mix coconut oil and castor oil!! Say buh-bye to those split ends and watch your hair grow!  

Nothing beats a close sexy shave, except the razors are so expensive!! Here's a tip: when your done shaving put a few drops of baby oil or wahl clipper oil on your razor! Bet you it will last for a month, or more!! 

Also, from yogi tea is called smooth move its a great tea to flush your system naturally and it's gentle. It can take away any bloating!! Drink it tho when you know you will be by a bathroom. It takes 8-12 hours to work.  

I can't give you all my tips but one more and it's a good one! Anyone that knows me, knows how long I have been in this industry for and I started so young like pre-school! No lie!!  

If you want your manicure to last first buff once, only with a buffer that has no oil on it and is super soft! Never harm natural nails!! 

Then, swipe nails with paper towel or something that does not leave cotton behind!! That makes me crazy!! Fuzz in my polish!!! Grrrr! Especially during winter with all those cashmere sweaters!  

After that apply your base coat (I use sticky by CND or one Orly Polish that is similar)get all edges!! Then one coat of nail polish color of your choice! 

Drum Roll Please!!! Here's the big tip! Then place A very light light swipe of the sticky or the Orly one. Yes it goes in between let that sit for a moment then place your second coat of color! Then top coat! My fave is seche vite!! Die hard! Now watch your nails just grow out and not chip! Besides that it looks like rich lacquer. Not cheap and thin crap that flakes. It looks like money!!

Well I hope you liked my post, if so like it! Do you have any tips that you love to do and want to share? Share away....

And most importantly  don't forget to book your prom makeup with me!