New Moon Magic!

When the luminaries (sun and moon) align, that's when it's called the New Moon, this is the time for you to create magic in your life!  

Is there new beginnings you want to manifest in your life? Things that may no longer serve your soul purpose? Wether it be job, finance, relationships, love, family, friends, or travel? Now this is the time to make the Magic happen!   

During this new moon phase this is where you can begin your own ritual, you can say your intensions and light a candle, or you can write down all your ideas small pieces of paper then burn them, outside setting them free into the universe.  These are a few I like to do! Remember to always be safe when playing with fire! 

Out with the old and in with New! What you put out there is what you get back! Be a mirror for yourself!  

Love and Light,