Skin Feeling Dry, and Dull?

This time of year can cause havoc on your skin, between the cold and forced hot air we are left with drab, dry, skin. We can wash, tone, and moisturize till the cows come home and we still look the same. Meehhh-

Well let's say I know how you feel! I woke up this morning feeling this way and now I feel amazing!! There are some things that you can't do on your own!! There are some things that are not home treatments. You need to see a professional for.  

So, this morning I gave myself the best microdermabrasion treatment, with a chemical peel. My skin looks so much more tight, and firm. Not to mention the glow that I have, and how much better my makeup sits in my face. There is nothing like a good old chemical peel and microdermabrasion. This is the perfect time of year!!! Get rid o all those old layers and let the new skin the new fresh you shine thru. Lastly, the best part is now when you wash, tone, and moisturize the product will be able to better penetrate your skin, giving you a better result, otherwise it's just getting lost in all the dry skin:) Happy Thursday and stay tuned for tomorrow's post!! 

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