Happy Lashes: Tips & FYI'S for Maintaining Your Extensions

Before your Lash Appointment: 

  1.  Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild oil free cleanser.
  2. Do not use oil based products lotions, eye creams, and removers prior to the application.
  3. If you wear contact lenses wear glasses instead to your appointment or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive to your appointment. 
  4. Do not use lash curler before appointment, straighter lashes work better. 

Aftercare Instructions  

  1. Do not get lashes wet for at least 24 hours even if we used a nano mister.  
  2. Avoid hot steam from shower and sauna for 2 days. 
  3. Be gentle with your lashes & PAT them dry after shower. Brush them when dry.
  4. Do not rub your eyes excessively
  5. Do not use a lash curler! 
  6. Do not use oil based makeup remover  
  7. Only use mascara at the tips of the lashes if you must wear it. ( I suggest only purchasing the brand made for lashes) 
  8. That goes for the eyeliner too
  9. Wax in eyeliner will buildup and breakdown your bond to your lashes. Oil breaks glue down. Water based products are good. Also avoid Glycol and carbonate free makeup is no good!! Better OPTION: Use eyeshadow. Take a skinny brush dip in water then your shadow (makes a wet paste, long lasting too) use as a liner. 
  10. Depending on your lash cycle and how you sleep; side sleepers or face sleepers tend to loose more lashes, they may have to come in more often then others.
  11. Those who have a faster eyelash growth cycle may need a touch up sooner, while those with a slower cycle may not need touch ups as often.  
  12. Another factor is birth control. It will cause some women to shed their natural lashes faster than others. It doesn't mean they can't have the procedure, it just means they may have to come in sooner than others!!  
  13. A great DYI is taking 1 tsp of baby shampoo in a foam bottle dispenser and some distilled water. There you go: a simple lash cleaner that is safe for you lashes and will remove makeup.  
  14. Another cool tip is go to the dollar store pick up a makeup brush, the blending one. Use that for massaging the cleaner in your lashline. Trust me your lashes will be thanking me. Get rid of all that dirt, excess skin and, makeup!!! Plus your lash artist will love you!! Now make sure you do that before you see your lash artist too!!

Hope this was helpful! I came acros an eye opening situation and I think we all need to be more educated in this. There is truth to the birth control & sleep style factors when it comes to lash longevity. Ask any real, certified tech!



Have any lash horror stories you want to share? Don't be shy if you want to ask me anything!!  

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P.S. Ladies, let your light and love keep shining on through! Stay true to you!! You know your business and there will always be darkness trying to take you down. Do what you feels right!! Your light will push them away. Keep on shining and stay on track, it's not always easy. Believe in yourself. Most of all believe in God!!