Crystal Bowl Meditation

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The crystal bowls communicate directly with your soul and are a great healing tool. Each session begins with a mini angel card reading to set the intention for the session. I have been guided by the Angels to combine my crystal bowl meditations with mini Angel Card Readings as well as Color therapy so that the energy of these other healing modalities can be imprinted into the body as the sound is resonating within the soul. My bowls are specifically desinged and programmed to help you to release karmic patterning from this life and past lives as you step into the power of who you are - the true essence of your soul.  Sound therapy is an ancient healing tool that opens and activates higher levels of consciousness allowing you to access higher information as you are In the stillness and Oneness with God.  For those doing raindrop therapy, it is a good idea to utilize sound therapy in between sessions as it prepares the body for deeper spiritual work.

Angel Card Readings

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Receive divine guidance from your Angels to support you as you continue your journey here on Earth. I recommend an angel card reading prior to doing Raindrop Therapy and at any time that you feel additional divine guidance is needed.  I can aide you in uncovering underlying issues that are holding you back from living a joyful life and moving on to the next level of your spiritual journey. Everything happens for a reason. Let me help you to figure out why it is happening to you.

Raindrop Therapy

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This therapy utilizes the power of essential oils for both a cleansing of the body and an awakening of the soul. This is an invaluable method to promote healing from deep within as you expand your sense of awareness. I use only Young Living essential oils which speak directly to the soul and help to bring to the surface those underlying emotional issues and fears from this life and past lives which may be causing stress and disease in the body. The oils help to clear negative emotions from the cell memory and imprint new positive ones. This therapy has tremendous healing effects and can be a catapult to help you awaken or move to the next level on your spiritual journey whether you are just beginning your awakening or are a Master teacher and healer yourself. Even after this healing therapy the essential oils will continue to work in your body for up to 7 days. During this time you may go through a natural detox as toxins and stuck emotions are released.


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The BioMat is a bed of high grade cystals heated mat with black tourmaline covered in rose quartz and amethyst to promote health benefits to the mind, body, and soul. All treatments are done in bio mats helping sooth your internal and balance. Laying on the biomat is a treatment in itself.
The Bio mat generates far infrared rays and emits negative ions, which is only found in the purest of air. This is non invasive, soothing experience which addresses root causes of many common ailments. As well as providing immediate relief from some types of pain and discomfort. The therapy builds long-term resistance to disease and deterioration. The Bio mat will help detoxify your body, reduce stress and fatigue, improve allergy symptoms, improve sleep, alleviate headaches, relieve backaches, muscle soreness, improve muscle tone skin quality and more.

Using a pendulum, reiki, special crystals, and essential oils. We will energize, clean and balance your chakras. Helping you create harmony within yourself and your life.

Chakras are energy centers aligned from our base or root as they call it, to the top of our head. These energies centers are filled with energy and ruled by color and crystals, which is called our aura.  Our aura is a beautiful energy field surrounding all living things.  Sometimes in our everyday life we need help re-aligning them so we can feel more connected and flow better. Our thoughts and feelings both conscious and unconscious, and our health can affect our aura.  Did you ever have those days where everything is just syncing? Well this helps, to keep us in balance. I use a mix of crystals, oils, my special biomat, prayer, and some reiki during this relaxing treatment. I will help guide you so you can channel your inner goddess.

Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive, hands on therapy that is deeply relaxing and assists with heating the whole person. Reiki, a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy, is a simple, natural and safe method that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, balance, and feelings of peace, and well-being. One most likely will experience the feeling of a deep relaxation, warmth and calmness during and after a Reiki treatment. There is no belief system or religion attached to Reiki and it is suitable for all ages and types of people.