White Eyeliner? Why? Read on for some of my Favorite tips!


As a makeup artist white eyeliner always has been one of my secret weapons, this is a must have in your makeup bag. I especially love lining my waterline to give my eyes a more awake look. I know all us hard working mommies, boss babes, and thrirtysomthings need that little sparkle sometimes. Here are some otherways you can wear white liner too

• Waterline of your eyes to make your eyes appear bigger and look more awake


• The V of your upper lip to make your lip look fuller


• Define your brows- place along the brow bone it can also mimic as a highlighter


• Corner of your eyes to brighten- this is one of my favorites too!


• Apply before eye shadow to make colors more intense-you can also make your makeup brush a little damp and press the makeup into the lid, that intensifies colors too


• Middle of bottom lip to make look fuller


These are great little tips and tricks, if you have any questions or want to know something about applying makeup let me know!

I’ll be happy to answer


Have an amazing weekend!