Embellish U has Expanded!!


Finally! The wait is over! I can share what I have been doing for almost a year now! Some of you know bits and pieces, but what I have learned to be successful you have to keep your ideas to yourself!  

Ok, so last summer in the middle of building Embellish U in Point Pleasant beach, I started a school for permanent cosmetics that I signed up for months in advance. The timing was not good, but I can't let timing get in the way of my success. 

During this process you attend a full week 100 hrs, you work on clients, have homework, it's very long full days!! Class was expensive, but it was worth it. When you finish, you think yay, certification I am done. Ya. Not so fast I still have a long apprenticeship to complete, which encompasses completing 15 models in total. Which is a whole other expense. Then there is a practical, written exam, and a oral exam, which I am proud to say I got a 96.3!! After months of studying and hard work, I was finally all finished.  Oh yeah, malpractice insurance can't forget that either, along with your hepatitis B vaccination, there was so much to do. 

So now Embellish U in Point Beach is finally finished and I passed my last inspection and I am open for business in September! Yay, no more biz from my apartment! Thank you to who ever called zoning!! You got me moving a little faster! 😂 Truly a gift from god:) 

So now my new dilemma is I can't legally do permanent cosmetics in my newly opened Point Beach location and I really want to do it!! My boyfriend at the time, now fiancé Ron love him, is looking around for small places to perform permanent cosmetics. We looked everywhere, looked at a few just wasn't a good fit. Then he came across one in Manasquan, that was going to be available in January 2017. It was currently the month of October 2016.

I go to Manasquan one day to take a look at the space, looks like no one is there. I say to myself cool, let me take a peek in the window. As I am peeking in I see someone, inside Ooops does she see me, Shit I think she did.  She is looking at me a little weird, probably thinking who is this lady peering in my windows so early in the morning. As we make eye contact, I realize it's my cousin Leanne.  Hi Lex!  What are you doing here so early, something wrong?  So then our conversation begins, turns out my cousin had this place in Manasquan for 11 years it was Bodies 21 and she is an amazing massage therapist. Just FYI she still comes to Squan for her clients time to time, but she is on another adventure in Puerto Rico.  


 Her space was going to become availble January 1st 2017. At that point I signed the lease and formed Embellish U Permanent Cosmetics. Fast forward a few months from January, I also attended school for microblading. Microblading is a 2 day course with a 6 month time frame to compete 11 levels. I successfully completed my course in 3 months. My goal was to pass before my place opened, Goal Crushed! 


 This past Monday May 15th was my Board of Health final inspection,  I felt confident going into the inspection, but inspectors can be tricky. When I have inspections I generally tend to keep quiet, and let the inspectors do all the talking. This inspection was different then what I was use to or expected. This felt like more of an exam then an inspection, I thought I was done with my exams. The Board of Health Inspectors made me do the whole consultation, sanitation, breakdown, everything! I was exhausted to say the least, but I successfully passed my inspection. I am so excited, blessed, and grateful to be able to live out my dream. After I left my shop I then treated myself to some Botox, came home, and went sleep!!(sitting upright of course)Thank God It's over and behind me, Now I can breathe...

Embellish U Permanent Cosmetics in Manasquan offers microblading, lip liner and lip shading, eyeliner, and eyebrows. I look forward to meeting you and Embellishing your natural beauty!