Top Mistakes You're Making Doing Your Makeup

As much as all these YouTube tutorials and Instagram videos make doing makeup look so easy, you still might be feeling a little lost. Feel like you're still not getting the look that you desire? Let me help.  

Book your makeup lesson today!! 

Book your makeup lesson today!! 

A very common mistake many people make is applying bronzer to your entire face. Bronzer is meant to compliment your bone structure and complexion, not disguise it. Skip the Oompa Loompa look and apply bronzer to the points of your face where the sun would hit naturally. Forehead, cheekbones and jawline, sparingly.  

Another issue I've noticed people struggle with is under eye concealer. A lot of women tend to just dot right under the eye but that way you aren't maximizing the full benefits of your concealer. Also, that method can make it look too light in that one area bringing out the dark circles more. Instead, apply it in an upside down triangle. This evens out all the darkness and inconsistencies below your eyes but also creates a triangle of light that helps draw attention to your eyes.  

Eyeliner is one of the top beauty products people have trouble getting down. If you want to open up your eyes and give them a youthful look, apply a thin line on the top lash line, not just the bottom. Many women I've noticed tend to skip this. It may be harder to achieve but once you get it right it'll be like riding a bike. It'll pay off by giving your eyes a more lifted appearance. Another trick is to not connect your top and bottom liner. This is just closing off the eye, making them look smaller. Bonus tip: if you want really bright, wide eyes add a nude liner along your bottom water line. Hello eyes!  

What beauty techniques do you struggle with? Remember you can always book a lesson with me and I can teach you how to apply what you have at home and how to use it to the best of its ability.  

  Love and light,