What Your Spots Mean and How To Combat Them


Got a big event to go to? A first date? And ever so coincidentally your chin decides to grow a second head? Or maybe you neglected your five-a-day and now you have a forehead of pimples? It seems it's not all down to coincidence. Like reflexology, areas of the face can help give us information about what's going on in the body.  

Spots on the forehead -  

While sporting a fringe could help hide a blemishes forehead, it can also collect grease from styling products and sweat. But bangs or no bangs, it could be a cause of your diet. These spots can indicate over consumption of red meat, alcohol and saturated fats. 

Spots on the cheeks -  

These can also be a result of your eating habits. Usually from too much meat, sugar and dairy products. We all know a spot on your cheek can be one of the hardest spots to conceal. Try cutting down on these foods one by one and see if your skin improves.  

Spots on the jawline -  

Again an indication of diet. You are what you eat after all. This can be caused from a congestion in the large intestine, often caused by heavily processed foods. If you look at the ingredients list and feel totally baffled, that's not a great sign. Try going for some simpler foods like veggies and nuts.  

Spots on the chin -  

Few woman don't get a spot or two around their time of the month. Hormonal and cystic acne affects countless woman. Using products with salicylic acid will help to unclog pores and keep future breakouts at bay.  

To treat spots advice remains the same. Try hard not to pick and pop with dirty hands or at all. Also use medicated products to treat and conceal.  

Try eating more fish like salmon, stay away from hot foods and spices, cut down on sugar and dairy. Try this for a few weeks and you will see your face clear right up! Also I great way to help keep skin clear is using a glycolic or enzyme peel once a week. Keeps your skin exfoliated while treating blemishes. Always wash your face at night 2x's. Use a serum before bed, and in the am use your moisturizer. Skin will be flawless!!  

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