A Guide to Deciding On the Perfect Highlight

There are so many new trends and techniques for highlighting today. From balayage, baby lights, ombré and now sombre, who can keep up? Here I'm going to break everything down and the quicker you can be on your way to a new look. 

Hair by Melissa Albro

Hair by Melissa Albro

Balayage from Melissa Albro! Colorbar Spring lake

Balayage from Melissa Albro! Colorbar Spring lake

Theresa from Pasch Salon!    Check her out!!  Follow her page!! Amazing Colorist

Theresa from Pasch Salon!  

Check her out!!  Follow her page!! Amazing Colorist

  • Ribboning - this has become one of the most popular trends for this year. Best for naturally wavy types, it involves several fine highlights throughout the hair in a "ribbon" effect. Great for brightening up brunettes or for adding a pop of pastel color.  
  • Lowlights - just like a highlight, but deeper. Typically you want to stay within 3 shades of your base color, anything more than that can start to look a little skunky. Meant to add dimension and depth and are great to make lighter pieces stand out more.  
  • Balayage - aka hair painting, has become the ever popular among women. Painting the hair opposed to traditional foiling gives a more natural, sun kissed effect. Stylists typically place the highlights where the sun would naturally hit. Perfect for those who want a lived in feel and don't want to look like they just got their hair done  
  • Babylights - remember those perfect highlights you would get in the summer as a child from the sun that you thought could never be duplicated? Well, the day has come. Baby lights are super fine streaks that frame the face, similar to balayage, for a natural and youthful effect.  
  • Ombré - in a short amount of time this has become a household technique in the salon. Think of it as growing your summer hair out. A deep root transcending into lighter ends. The ultimate flower child look.  
  • Sombre - I know you're thinking what on earth does sombre mean and how is it different from ombré. Sombre is short for subtle ombré, so it's not far off. It has the same dark to light effect, but not as obvious. It's very muted and soft. Good for those who might be new to lightening their hair.  

Dont thinking just because summer is on its final months that it's too late to go light! Fall doesn't necessarily mean you have to go darker. Adding some lightness is a great way to spice up your mane. 

Whats your favorite way to highlight your hair? Do you have any other methods you want to share?  

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