Hair Feeling Fried from the Sun and summer fun? Then this is for you!!

As we all know, summer can be the most trying season for your hair. From being out in the sun to pools and ocean water, it can really take a toll on your strands. If you're coloring your hair, you might suffer more, since all the UV rays can fade your color and cause it to lose its luster. If you give your hair some extra moisture, you won't have to worry about your hair drying out, snapping or fraying. 

If your hair is especially frizzy, you'll want a leave in that really locks in the moisture so it won't pouf out. The ingredient PolyfluoroEster creates a shield that holds in moisture so you won't have an afro right when you walk outside. For fine and straight hair, opt for a lightweight spray. One that doesn't contain oil in the first few ingredients. This way you won't build a heavy residue and cause your hair to be more flat and weighed down.

Regular heat stylers should especially be using a leave in. You've probably got more breakage than you like to admit if you're picking up that flat iron or blow dryer more than a couple times a week, so you need the extra protection. Find an intensive mask that repairs and reconstructs the hair. Oils are especially good for your hair type. If you've got thick and curly hair, you want something a little heavier. Curly and wavy textures lack moisture naturally, so adding any kind of extra moisture will help your curls bounce and act as they should. 

Hopefully this helped you all! Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep your locks hydrated! 

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