The perfect Summer Makeup!!

So if you don't know I have been on this quest to find the best beauty products I possibly can for my business. I have tried so many and basically got either no result or it wasn't enough!! I want more... From serums, to toners, creams, peels, and makeup! 

Well I have found my 3 lines that I am totally loving!! I'm sure I'll cherry pick from one or two more eventually. So I found this product when I was walking at the esthetic show with one of my associates and she led me to this company names BSB (Bella Schneider Beauty). They have some amazing ingredients they stay cutting edge with their technology to give your skin the best result. To name a few Kojic acid, rose, and seabuckthorn oil. Seabuckthorn oil is very high in vitamin A and E which are essential for young skin, and helps restore skin after aging has already affected it. Destroy free radicals and stay looking great!! I'm in sign me up!! This is also good for eczema patients as well. 


Kojic acid is completely natural and is a skin lightener. It stops the production of melanin in your skin.  Melanin is the substance that gives your skin color. The darker you are the more you have. Kojic acid has longer shelf life even tho it is natural, pretty cool right? It actually resists oxidation and spoilage... So your product won't go bad!! The other commen skin lightener that doctors recommend is Hydroquinone which causes incredibly dry skin, rashes, even contact dermatitis! Short lived reaction but No Thank you!! Kojic acid is the new technology! Out with the old in with the new.  

Ok so on to my favorite foundation, I typically use Glo minerals tinted moisturizer that has and 30 SPF. I love it... My skin has changed since using the Glo mineral line. If I am going to put makeup on my face I want dual action! I want it to be working at making my skin look pretty also firming, giving me vital anti aging Vitamins while I wear it!!! All my products I am selling on my online Boutique for purchase. Or you can also join me in a Mommy makeover or just a girls night out! I will demonstrate how to take care of your skin and teach you how to do an everyday makeup look!! So I have this BB cream that has a little more coverage then a tinted moisturizer but it's healthy for your skin! There has been a craze about BB cream but I could not find one that is healthy for my skin. Until now! This Premier beauty balm does it all : Amino Acids, proline and palm oil boost penetration of ingredients smooth away visible wrinkles. Moisturizing oils hydrate and soften fine lines, enhance skin glow while advance concealing formula and light tint natural all over coverage for discoloration even for under eyes. Vitamin E eliminates damaging free radicals, supports broad spectrum uv protection!! Gentle enough to use post peel or procedures too!! This is a beauty must have!! This BB cream is a must!! Easy to carry! Def a staple to have:)) Tune in later this week I will be going over illuminators, and how you can use them.. 


All my Best,