Wait! Is is that a Racoon is the mirror? Oh it's me! Lovely:)

So, Kim K. can do it so can I. Like  all the rest of the world we sit down  all social media-up Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, smokey eyes it is or Racoon eyes, maybe black eye then epic fail!! 

The traditional smokey eye is done by placing an all over highlighter a base color on the lid. Now you can do cream or powder. But cream to cream. Powder to powder. #fact lets just keep this simple though if you. Have any questions always feel free to ask:) You also can you a light shimmer or Matte finish, depends on the look your going for. This is applied from your lash line to your browbone. 

Next, you want to create a natural crease a contour like your own, that is like a skin, or a tonal color, that is your contour colour. This is applied to your crease. If your eyes droop a bit you will want to lift your lid lightly with your ring finger. Always be gentle and blend, blend like you mean it!! Blending is KEY!!

Now that is a good daytime look! Throw on some mascara call it a day!! 

Now let's transition that to evening!! Let's start from your contour your next step would be your extreme contour that's your outer most corner you can take black, dark brown, basically any darker color. Makeup is a freedom you can play you can always adjust the colors. You can even do a darker contour color then go in with a black like 3 levels. Your contour line being the biggest, the next one from the iris out, the last just the outer corner. It depends how comfortable you are. There are so many variations today it's insane!! So, before I loose myself and get off track!! I will say though to not look like you have a black eye, or have Racoon eyes is honestly, blending!! 

So let's move on to eyeliner! Now it's great to have one of those liners that you can line your upper inner lash line with, it's an hard area to always get, stay put, and most of all it creates depth in your lash line. So start with that first. Like first first before you even do your eyeshadow!!  

So when you line your eyes with eyeliner you will want to take a small brush with a small amount of that color shadow on it! Now remember where you place the brush first that is where most of the color will be, so either know that you only have a little bit and tap it out or start outer corner then work your way in then back to balance and blend it out. Until you find your balance and how you are comfortable. When doing this use small upward and outward strokes. :) 

Lastly, the underneath you will be lining with your liner from iris to outer corner and blending with the same brush in a downward outward motion. But first, take the contour color and place that under your eye too!  Right under the eyeliner put another line right there of that contour color the first one. Then blend and blend! Right where the two colors meet!! Now where that one blends out place your all over highlighter there and blend lightly. So your using all 3 colors of your eyes on your under eye keeping it a tad dark but not to much. Naturally we have a shadow from above so we don't need much at all under our eyes! A good rule of thumb! Don't put shadow past where your lower lash line grows!  Now if you have eyelash extensions, keep it simple stay where your natural lash line would be. That would still give the look of Racoon eyes. I hope this Helped give you a classic and smokey eye!