Ouch!! Damn Thumbtack!

Lol! Just kidding! Did that catch your attention? Later on you will see what thumbtack I mean..

So last night when I was attending my makeup bridal class at Mac, with Keri Blair the amazing talented artist!! I picked up some really great tips and it's always good to stay on top of your game in this ever changing industry. After this blog it's time to go put in another makeup order as if I need any more makeup then I already have!! The list goes on and on!! I also can't wait to go play with the mac face and body makeup GREAT TIP: move it in your hands or with brush if you don't like to get hands messy. Basically you want to put air into it, Make it almost sticky feeling. Then stippling it on. Ah-mazing!! Such better coverage:) thank you Keri Blair! 

Now on to the Thumbtack what a great new social media app. Well not sure how new, but what a great way for people to put themselves and their businesses out there so consumers can  find artists, hairdressers, accountants, personal shoppers, dj's, and many many more businesses all in one place!! I started my online account and hopefully will be getting lots of wedding business from it! Download the app it's Thumbtack pro. Happy thumbtacking!!