Wedding Makeup & More

Tis The season!! Beautiful brides, spring flowers, pedicures, lighter clothes, tan skin, and not so fun allergies...  

Did you just tie the knot? Or are you, or someone you know getting married? With everything you have to do ( that long list that keeps getting longer ) the last thing you need to do is worry about a makeup artist (and if they will even show up).

You would think what's so hard throw some makeup on call it a day!! Ha! No way!! Continuing your education in your career is so important in an ever changing industry. Besides for the style, your consultation is so important for you and the makeup artist. As a makeup artist you become part of their special day with all their family and friends. It's truly an amazing day...You have to keep the bride calm and keep on time too with your schedule!!  

During the consultation all the expectations should be communicated to one another to make smooth sailing.. We want to know what the bride wants then leave the rest to us!! You have not a worry!!  

As far as your face the day of skin should be cleansed, prepped, primed, and set. This will ensure a timeless lasting look through your walk down the isle, cocktail hour, tears for your first dance, cake, and maybe an after party!! I will also make sure you have an emergency touch up kit you can use for brunch the next day!! That's how long I will guarantee my work!! 

So, now I can't wait to learn and incorporate even more to make all future brides days even better!!! Even if I learn one thing it's a success!! 

Now it's your turn have you had a makeup artist from hell? A total failure? Someone that make you look like bozo the clown!! Or just an unprofessional artist that stood you up? Please share below!!  


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