Hello From the Sunsine State!!

The Sun is shining, everyone is happy such a great feeling!! So nice to actually enjoy some nice weather and New Jersey is still umm can we say, still in winter!!! 

Come on Spring, let's go already!!! It's been great kick starting my routine with healthy food, exercise daily, and lots of hydration!! When we feel good we make things happen in our worlds. It's not about being a super model (although those bods are not bad) just saying, but we need to have balance..

My priority over the last 3 years has been my business. Over the last 5 years total I was working on healing myself and doing some life work that needed to be done.  I learned a lot from it all. It helped mold me into the woman I am today. I am grateful for that. It's not about the outside and what you look like but the inside, cause just like everything else in America the novelty wears off.  

I have worked out when I was younger to be all fit... To "look good" for what? Now that I have done the work just like everyone else in this world. We all are one unit. Time to bring it together mind, soul,body, trinity... Stay healthy, be yourself, don't be around people who don't bring out the best in you. Come from a place of love. It's only for your peace. Have a wonderful Sunday.. Time for Mickey Mouse!!