Alexis Smith is an Award Winning Make-Up Artist, Certified Cosmetologist and Esthetician who serves as founder, owner and operator of EmbellishU.

Alexis, continually advances her education in the beauty industry and stays on top of the latest trends, products, and technology.  EmbellsihU offers a variety of treatments and products as the premier day spa in Bay Head and the surrounding Monmouth County area. 

I go beyond to help you achieve that personal look you want and deserve..I provide a personal and professional service to all my clients. I always have been very connected to the angelic realm,and offer a few unique twist to my business, I have always felt this connection to people, this energy, a force. I am a level 2Usui Reiki Practitioner, I trained at the International Center for Reiki Training. You will be pleasantly surprised by your experience with me!

 We are so on the go all the time with family, work, kids, bills...Yikes!...And  Unfortunately, what wedo shows up on our skin, whether it's from too much salty foods, stressing over a breakup, excessive alcohol, or just not getting our beauty sleep. So when is it time, for ME?  NOW! right now is the time, to start doing some skin therapy!  So let's restore those visible signs of aging!

So sick of seeing those thread like lines around your eyes?  That happens in your late 20's and dirty 30's.  Those fine lines become crows feet in your 40's and 50's Oh my favorite in your 60's and up the lovely chicken neck...I mean seriously who comes up with these names, and were supposed to feel sexy?

Well, if you are lacking luster, looking dehydrated, have age spots, and dark puffy circles, I am here to help you get on your way to freedom of the crows feet chicken neck syndrome. I will personally customize the perfect anti-aging treatment for you and what products you will need for your home care regimen.  That is key to keeping the results. 

Your body is just as important to keep healthy and stay out of the sun! We always look so nice with a tan besides you will look 10lbs lighter..I also offer custom airbrush spray tanning. Get like you just stepped off of the beach look, my product has violet and brown bronzers, that won't leave you orange or disappointed.

Always rushing in the morning, and could use some time doing other things like sleeping, working out, or meditation. Is it a big event?  Maybe you are someone who lost lashes from a illness or it's hereditary. I just may have the answer that will cut your getting ready time in half, make you feel better about you, with Eyelash extensions.



"Like many other brides, I was also concerned about my wedding makeup for the special day. I didn’t want to opt for just a local parlor and feared looking excessively done up on my special day. I’m incredibly glad to have hired Alexis as my makeup artist. She made me looked so beautiful! Her makeup application was very precise and amazing. She is exactly what I was looking for. She took inputs from me about the look I had in mind and created a final look for me which exceeded all my expectations. I would like to thank you so much for giving me lifetime memories, for I would always be smiling when I look at my wedding pictures."

"Lexi rocks!!!! I always wanted long lavishing eyelashes and thats what I got to say the least.

"Great quality service to say the least. Alexis really does precise work. From the lashes to my makeup everything was perfect! I can't wait to come back for my wedding!!"

"WOW. Words can't describe how gorgeous my lashes look! Alexis' work is the definition of perfect. From her precise technique to her perfectionist mentality, She is the only person I will let touch my lashes."

"5 out of 5. I honestly can't believe how impeccable my makeup looked. She introduced me to airbrush makeup and it is amazing! Alexis work speaks volumes. She is the best of the best ."

Leann P.
111d ago

Lexi is AMAZING! She is fantastic at what she does and is awesome to work with. Tell her what you like and let her do her thing - trust her because she's truly a professional. I loved how she did my makeup for my wedding and my bridal party's makeup looked amazing as well. The coverage for such a long day was impressive and I was so happy with it. Thank you so much, Lexi!!!!

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